What is the best website for airline tickets

What is the best website for airline tickets

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for in relation to airline tickets. When choosing a website to do your online flight booking, always consider the long list of options that you can choose from for your business travel. Apart from the widely available option of booking a business flight with your airline company, there are tons of flight booking websites which are similarly referred to as online travel agencies that can give you the freedom of choice. It is approved that not all search engines can provide you with low price flight fares and this is why this mix of resources can help minimize on the costs associated with booking a flight.

Here is the list of the best flight booking sites


This flight booking site is primarily owned by Expedia. Searching a Travelocity flight booking site online will give you Expedia price results with a different scheme and organizational stated preferences. Travelocity will rate each of your business flight itinerary with an out of 10 score scale that you can use to assess the type of aircraft available, the quality of amenities provided onboard. To make Travelocity better option, it never charges a booking fee for round-trip business flights on the same airline. This is something that is worthwhile. With Travelocity, you can easily plan your itinerary well as the out-of-10 flight rating assign each itinerary a clear score.


As mentioned above, Expedia and Travelocity are identical given that they have a common interface, common prices and same flights. Expedia labors to up-sell your business travel on adding a hotel to your itinerary which can be cost saving in the long run. Given this, you ought to compare prices before planning on booking a hotel. Expedia also gives you the privilege of eliminating charges on a round-trip flight booking on the same airline. The good news to you is that Expedia basically does double-checks in order for you to understand the sort of fare that you are choosing before you can click on select once again. This is a sign of utmost transparency in today's air flight bookings.


This flight search site charges a booking fee of up to $35 per ticket. Also CheapOair displays identical price results in a clearly visible chart that enables you to smartly plan for your business flight.


Check out this flight search site as it is widely known for its genuine hotel reviews from travelers across the globe, airline ratings that are simply up to date and airfares that can be searched for on TripAdvisor Flights. This site sometimes offers cheap airfares that may be within your budget. This site is easy to access, it has glamorous graphics that are an indicator that this site strives towards providing only quality. Once you opt for Trip Advisor Flights, you will ably access some vital options in advance, like a check box for prioritizing nonstop flights. The search tool that Trip Advisor has is a unique one from others because it offers review-based Fly Scores of most airlines alongside their respective fares. This limits the possibility of booking a business trip with an obscure, low-rated airline without even knowing it.


When planning on using Bookit.com to book for your business travel you are good to go as your flight results are listed in a handy chart that limits that tedious business of having to scroll lists non-stoppable. The handy chart brings you unlimited, one-stop and two-stop flights for some primary carriers including the best price clearly marked. Bookit.com displays a table style results chart that enables business people to compare prices in one place instead of stressfully having to continuously scroll and mentally compare itineraries.

One Travel

This One Travel flight search site borrows its interface from Google Flights' calendar in that if you input your departure and destination airports, the dates field displays a calendar that has pre-populated prices. This is a helpful feature that enables you to immediately hone in on your business travel dates with affordable prices when you have selected flexible dates. One Travel has a calendar organization that is not easy to find as compared to other flight booking sites if you are flexible on your dates of travel.

Lastly, it is crucial to note that the cost of booking a business flight should be looked into seriously because it is will do you good if the booked flight is within the company's travel budget.