New York City E-Bike Personal Injury Lawyer

new york city e bike personal injury lawyer

The facts of the case will determine the liable party in a New York City e-bike accident case. If you have been injured in an e-bike accident, contact a reputable NYC personal injury attorney who will fight for your rights and get you the best settlement or verdict possible.

Pedestrians. In some cases, negligent pedestrians may be liable for an e-bike accident. A pedestrian, for example, who is pedestrian, a pedestrian who is crossing against the light or a pedestrian who does not have the right of way and is texting or not paying attention can all pose a risk. If a cyclist has to swerve unexpectedly to avoid a pedestrian and is injured; as a result, the pedestrian may be held responsible for the accident.

eBike Riders and Cyclists. As previously stated, e-scooter riders can cause accidents with e-bike riders, other cyclists, and pedestrians. Similarly, another cyclist (whether on a traditional bike or an e-bike) who is riding in the wrong direction or failing to obey traffic control devices (stop and yield signs and red lights) could be at fault for an injury-causing accident or direct collision.

Drivers of automobiles. Motorists on the road are a significant risk to e-bike riders. E-bike riders, like those who ride motorcycles, mopeds, and traditional bicycles, have little protection in accidents with larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, especially when those larger vehicles travel much faster. While some parts of New York City are accessible to cyclists, many roads lack bike lanes, forcing e-bike riders to share the road with cars traveling twice or three times the speed limit.

Manufacturers of electric bicycles. In some cases, a flaw in the e-bike itself may be the root of the problem. In a product liability case, the bike's manufacturer and seller may be liable for injuries caused by a poorly or defectively constructed bike. These are referred to as product liability cases.