Practical items to carry while traveling

Practical items to carry while traveling

A worldwide adapter is a very practical object while traveling overseas. It may save you from overpaying for an adaptor at the airport or a souvenir shop in the city centre and from buying a new one each time you visit a new region. It also saves you time from looking for this adaptor while overseas so you can charge your phone, laptop and focus on your business matters instead. This way you can rest assured your essential electronics will stay charged throughout your trip which is essential for business travelers. A good international adapter will work in around 150 countries. If you arrive at the hotel without an adapter, your best bet is to make your way to the front desk and be your charming self with the receptionist - often they will have drawers bursting with international adapters that other travelers have forgotten in the room and left behind.

As electronic - specially the all-powerful smartphone - are so important in this day and age, carry a charged powerpad on you. Even if you carry a travel adaptor on you, you never know where you'll find a plug or if you will have time to do so. You wouldn't want to find yourself in a new country or in the middle of nowhere with no energy.

Even though laptops have always been the must-have tool in the arsenal of the business traveler, when it comes to navigating on the plane, tablets or ‘hybrid' services are fast becoming the preferred tool to carry aboard. As it is thin, light, easy to move around, it is perfect to view videos or to read. Some people have switched to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, which is one of the ‘best of both worlds' devices. It rolls together a 12-inch screen, Microsoft and Office sorftware, USB and microSD sockets, a digital pen and a slim but responsive keyboard to deliver what the first two Surface releases failed to do.

However, some business travelers prefer to carry both tablet and lapton. Some would say that it is easier to work on the laptop while the tablets are better for viewing.

Apple's macbook - either pro or air - remain as the preferred device by business travelers. One is most powerful but the other is lighter and thus easier to carry out, while both boast long-lasting batteries, so they can use it for a long time everywhere. However, some aircrafts allow you to charge your devices as long as they have a usb port so don't forget to take a usb adapter.

And of course, you can never forget your smartphone. This small devices allow you to stay communicated, to get easily get online, to use the apps to make your flight and stay at the airport easier and stress-free. It will also allow you to easily reach a destination on Google Maps. Even if you don't use Internet, you can still download a destination onto Google Maps and use it offline with the app or use another app like which allows you to navigate, access a city guide and a map offline.