Maximize accommodation

Maximize accommodation

Choose accommodation based on location and price. Always check the address of the hotel you are browsing and make sure it is centrally-located so you have access to public transportation or easy access to wherever your daily activity will take place. Check the amenities of the hotel and make sure there is internet access, fitness centers, and a coffee shop in the hotel. Internet is important for your work, exercise is paramount to control stress levels and in terms of health, and as to the coffee shop, you might want to wake up to a nice cup of coffee.

Consider staying a a hotel that has a running program through the city; this way you can avoid the restrictions of a hotel fitness centre while getting to see the city you are visiting for a limited period of time.

If the front desk isn't busy, you want want to ask for hotel upgrades. Front desk clerks usually are willing to upgrade customers when business is slow, but make sure you ask when there are many people around.

One of the biggest setbacks of some hotels is that they are not complimentary and they are not even fast enough. While internet is important for every traveler to find communicate with others or research their destination, internet is part of business travelers' jobs. If you want to avoid the extra expense for a connection that doesn't even suit you at your regular business hotels, join a Rewards Club for Internet which is fast and free. This rewards club memberships such as IHG Rewards Club offer fast, reliable internet at any of the 4,900 IHG hotels in the world.

While signing up for the rewards club for internet perks, don't forget to create a free IHG Business Advantage account at the same time - this is a free, easy to use and secure travel management system allowing you to manage, control and organize your company's accommodation bookings and expenditure. Having one hotel business account facilitates the booking, payment and expenses process of accommodation.

If you are a veteran staying at hotels, one way to get rewards and save on accommodation is to sign up for an account on This website allows you to earn points, get discounts and complimentary nights at hotels once you book through it. The more you use it, the money rewards you accumulate. Besides, the website is very helpful in other ways as it also guides you as to your destination. There you can find an assortment of articles per neighborhood on the most visited cities around the world. That way you can check which hotel suits you best in terms of location, if it is near where you are attending the meeting, or in terms of transport, meals or touristic sites, in case you have time to take a stroll around. The articles also offer a city guide to make the most of your stay at the destination, a food guide so you can find the restaurant the best suits your needs which also also be a restaurant to discuss business with your clients; the articles also guide you in terms of shopping in case you have to make a last minute purchase, you'll know where to find what you are looking for.

Another way to score a free night is with a co-branded hotel credit card which commonly offer bonuses in the way of free nights every year or free elite status.