Leisure and business travelers accommodation

Leisure and business travelers accommodation

When business travelers look for accommodation, they focus on location. As they are tied by scheduled meetings, presentations and so on, for them the hotel's location is one of the top priorities. They need a place to stay that is close to their conference or convention venue so they will be able to attend their meeting in a short timeframe. That is why it is important for hotels close to convention centers or meeting areas to emphasize that on their advertisement in order to draw in business travelers.

Naturally, whether to speak to their clients or colleagues, business travelers have the need to be constantly connected. Being able to access their email, join a video meeting or open large file attachments quickly and efficiently is very important to a business traveler. That is why business traveler focus on looking for hotels who offer fast WiFi or at least Internet access.

As business travelers need to find a hotel that meet their criteria, business travelers tend to more loyal to a hotel than business travelers. According to a recent study from Google, 65% of business travelers belong to a hotel loyalty program. Therefore, a great way for hotels to keep business travelers returning is to offer an outstanding hotel loyalty program offering a great hotel loyalty program that offers loyal guests with special offers, free upgrades and/or free services.

For business travelers is important to find a hotel that offers all of the necessary amenities that business travelers need to prepare for their work in the morning. These amenities include continental breakfast, a coffee maker, ironing board with iron and more necessary amenities for the morning prep. As business travelers need to unwind in their hotel room after a long day of work, it is important for a hotel to offer a minibar, functional air conditioner or fully equipped bathroom to suit business travelers.

In contrast with business travelers, leisure travelers are more price sensitive. Therefore, they look for cheaper prices instead of a place that offers an array of amenities since they are not looking to spend their time in their hotel room. In fact, according to Google's 2014 Traveler Study, a majority of 63% of leisure travelers are price sensitive when deciding on which hotel to book with. Leisure travelers look for a hotel suitable for their travelers and look got the best deal. That is why it is important for hotels to offer a real-time search engine for leisure travelers to find accommodation that suit their budgets.

Leisure travelers strongly consider reviews and recommendations. In fact, they rely on advice by their family, friends, colleagues and online reviews to make their decision. In contrast, business travelers rely on company recommendations and also online reviews. According to Google's Traveler Study, 82% of leisure travelers consider reviews to be very to somewhat important, compared to 77% of business travelers. For leisure travelers, a large amount of negative reviews keep holidaymakers to choose that hotel; therefore, it is important for hoteliers to respond to reviews and resolve issues that appear on their travel review websites. Given that leisure travelers rely on recommendations, a hotel referral program can offer great benefits.

Leisure travelers are looking to maximise their vacation experience, they look for hotels that can offer them a holiday package that include either a large event in the city, walking tours around the most popular tourist destinations in the area, itineraries for family fun or romantic getaways and much more.

Leisure travelers also appreciate it when hotels offer a pool, fitness area or a restaurant. Therefore, business travelers and leisure travelers look for different amenities in the hotel they plan to stay at.