How to maximize Frequent flyer points

How to maximize Frequent flyer points

From using your credit card for everyday spending through to paying your tax bill with points-earning plastic, there are many ways to maximise your frequent flyer points.

A frequent-flyer program is a loyalty program offered by an airline. These programs are designed to encourage airline customers enrolled in the program to accumulate points which may then be redeemed for air travel other goods or services or for increased benefits such as travel class upgrades, airport lounge access or priority bookings.

Points may be based on fare, distance flown or the amount paid. However, there are other ways to earn points and one way that has become popular in the latter years is by using co-branded credit and debit cards than air travel. Another way to earn points is by spending money at associated retail outlets, car hire companies, hotels or other associated businesses.

FFP can be seen as a type of virtual currency where money only flows one way to earn points but not exchange back into money, just rewards.

One of the best places to collect points is actually outside the airport - it's at the grocery store. The best way to earn points is by shopping with travel rewards cards. Just use your card for everyday spending and when you travel. Make sure you use a card that waives foreign transaction fees as they can amount to much and could surprise you when they appear on your statement.

Consolidate your travel into one or two airlines only. Try to keep them in the same airline family like OneWorld (American), SkyTeam (Delta) or Star Alliance (United Continental). Thereafter, check international airlines to ensure your primary airline will gain the miles from flights on international carriers. Many of the perks afforded on your primary carrier will transfer over to these international carriers. Most of the time, international carriers will even treat you better domestic airlines in terms of free baggage, upgrade or access to lounge.

Buy money order. Reconciling a bank statement paid off for one man who noticed that Bank of America was awarding frequent flyer points for some purchases made via EFTPOS, not just credit purchases. For instance, debit purchases at Walmart - a supermarket - were contributing to his points balance, so he tested what would happen if he bought money orders from Walmart. As foreseen, the bank applied frequent flyer points to his account. Things didn't turn out well for him as his bank accounts got frozen once Bank of America became aware of what he was doing.

Many airlines have programs that give you extra miles if you dine out at their preferred list of restaurants in your area. What you have do is to register for the dining program online and link one of your credit cards to the account. Every time you use that card, you'll earn more points.

Earn points while shopping. There's not point to purchase some random products just to get points, but many airlines have deals with stores you may already shop at. Nearly all airlines and hotel programs offer a shopping portal.

Opening credit cards is the fastest and most lucrative way to accumulate miles. Sign up for credit cards that provide a good mileage bonus. The more credit cards you own, the more bonus you get and you can always close them.

If you have some extra money saved at a bank earning little or no interest, you might consider banking it in a new account as many financial companies offer points to your money into their systems. You can close your account once you get the rewards.

If you have the time to answer some surveys, some websites will give you miles in exchange for answering questionnaries (these include and The sites deposit the miles into your account every few months, and you can use multiple email addresses to get rewards with more than one partner.

Signing up to Netflix can also get you a bunch of points. If you already have an account, you can cancel it and open it again just for the points. If you just watch television, you might consider the perks Netflix offers you.

You can earn lines for test driving a crazy promotion. Just hop into a car and give it a test drive, or test headphones, or visit a clinic for a hair loss consultation. Deals come and go, so just keep your eyes open for this one.

Social media also allows you to score some points. Many airlines and hotels are willing to reward you with a bunch of points in exchange for a ‘like' of their Facebook page or on one of their posts.

A few chain hotels allow you to transfer hotel points to partner airlines, and some even let you choose airline miles instead of hotel points when you stay. Some of them might allow you to get both benefits.