How does travelocity work for flights

How does travelocity work for flights

Here is vital information that you may not want to miss out in relation to Travelocity and the flights associated with it. Travelocity is such a dominant player in the travel industry for a number of years now. This can be accredited to the exceptional customer service that is available 24/7 for all customers, the presence of a variety of business travel services and the limitation of service fees that will reduce on the cost of your business travel to any location worldwide.

Travelocity endeavors to keep its promises simple. You will even get to notice that its advertised tagline reads, Get travel help when you need it. Indeed, Travelocity will enable you to find tools to be used to book for your business trip at the best rate possible, be it buying an airplane ticket or if you are looking for accommodation, Travelocity will come in to save you the hustle.

Travelocity is one of a kind as it exceeds customer expectations given its intuitive and easy to explore site. Travelocity does not offer flexible filters for dates given that you may desire to know your exact travel dates. The goodness in Travelocity as compared to other travel sites is that it enables you to book activities and excursions. Similarly Travelocity avails you great deals on flights, hotels, rental cars and activities. Book flights online and go for that business trip.

The Budget Options

With Travelocity, you are provided with a list of accessible options for business travel planning that is on budget. The Travelocity website Deals section provides all the service promotions that it may be running in addition to featured deals on hotels, flights and activities in a variety of major cities on a global scene. The Travelocity website is a great platform for you to search great stuff as it assists you to easily locate cheaper prices on some of the most well known business trips. Get discounts on certain activities like trade shows when you opt for Travelocity. Saving is now more possible if you book a business flight and a hotel at one go.

Member Perks

Once you get to sign up for a Travelocity account online, you will constantly receive the latest promotions and sales available on its email newsletters. Having a Travelocity membership will entitle you to access certain tools that are available for members only such as Fare Watcher Plus in which you can enter 10 different locations that you plan to travel to and receive the due notices in case the prices for those trips change before you book. This tool is beneficial if you require to travel to a certain location but you are not yet sure where to go. Even businesses may register their accounts with Travelocity.

Fewer fees involved

Travelocity never charges you a single penny as a penalty for changing your reservation once it has already been booked. You also need not to pay for booking fees in case you buy a round trip air ticket from a single airline. On the other hand, service fees with competitor companies to Travelocity may be as high as $30 per day which can turn out as more costly if you are planning on taking a longer business trip. Travelocity still stands out in terms of being budget favorable for travelers. Always remember that you may incur certain change and cancellation fees by the airline or hotel that you are booking with.

Existence of a full time customer service guarantee

Travelocity always keeps in the know that all their customers need a special kind of experience with their services and this is why they willing fully provide personal customer assistance before, during and after a business trip. Travelocity has a listening ear and easily provide you solutions should you their customer experience any kind set back that is related to price drops, disappointments in car rentals, flights that are cancelled, lost reservations and the sudden weather threats.

Travel Insurance

Travelocity enables those purchasing a trip on its platform to add a Travel Guard travel protection plan which can cover expenses in relation to trip cancellation. Travel insurance ensures that you get your money back in the event that you come up with a plan to reschedule your business trip. This policy will cover lost, stolen and delayed luggage in addition to medical treatment you may need while travelling abroad. It is outstanding that Travelocity offers this insurance service to international travelers and others who may want it.