Best Hotels for Leisure and Business Travelers

best hotels for leisure and business travelers

Most business people usually consider location factors first when thinking about where to get the best accommodation. And there is generally a good reason for this. A typical business man or woman has to contend with quite a few things while on such a trip.

Their hands are usually tied by such factors as giving important presentations, attendance of scheduled meetings, and constant commuting to these destinations. For these reasons, the actual location of the hotel which will give the accommodation is quite important. Yes, indeed: it is a top priority. For example a businessman travelling to a new place will have to stay close to the conference or convention venue. Doing this will facilitate traveling to the meeting place. He can do this in a short time and conveniently so. Yes, a smart businessman or hotel owner whose property is built near important convention centers should do everything to advertise the establishment and make travelers know the rates and availability.

Moreover, it is only natural to speak to business travelers, colleagues, and clients because such people generally need to be constantly connected. It is very important for them to be able to join a video meeting, access email or open large files quickly and efficiently. These are the reasons why most business travelers usually seek hotels that offer facilities like fast WiFi other forms of Internet access.

According to a recent revelation by Google, more than 65% of business travelers usually utilize a hotel loyalty program. For this reason, one of the best ways for most hotels to keep the customers returning is to offer a special loyalty program, free upgrades and other services. Generally, a business traveler needs to locate a hotel that would meet their set criteria. Apparently, most business travelers tend to be more loyal to specific hotels than leisure travelers.

A business traveler finds it quite important to get a hotel that offers necessary amenities, enabling him to prepare for work each morning. Such amenities include a coffee maker, a continental breakfast, iron and ironing board and other necessary provisions for the morning prep. A business traveler usually needs to unwind in the hotel room after a long day at work. It is, therefore, important to have a minibar, working air conditioner or fully equipped bathroom to satisfy the needs of such clients. Leisure travelers, contrasted with business travelers, are generally more sensitive on issues to do with prices. For this reason, they often search for cheaper prices rather than a place offering specific amenities. Generally, they have no intention to spend lots of time in their hotel rooms.

Indeed, a 2014 Traveler Study by Google reveals that 63% of leisure travelers are quite sensitive on matters of pricing when deciding on the best hotel to book. Leisure travelers want a hotel that is suitable for their purposes. They want the best deal along the way. This is precisely why it is essential for hotels to provide a functional search engine for these kind of leisure travelers to access accommodation that suits their budgets. Leisure travelers should wisely consider recommendations and reviews. Interestingly, most of these travelers often seem to rely on advice by family, colleagues, friends, and online reviews to guide them in making a decision. Business travelers, on their part, usually rely more on recommendations by companies and online reviews.

According to the study by Google's Traveler, 82% of leisure travelers generally think that reviews are important. This compares to 77% of business travelers. A copious amount of negative reviews generally lead most holidaymakers to choose a rival hotel. Clearly, it is important for smart hoteliers to resolve issues and quickly respond to reviews on their websites. Considering that leisure travelers typically rely on these recommendations, a hotel referral program would offer lots of benefits to the business.

Leisure travelers generally want to maximize on a vacation experience. They want hotels that offer a holiday package, including large events, walking tours, popular destinations, family itineraries, fun, romantic getaways and more. They appreciate it when their favorite hotels offer a restaurant, fitness area, and a pool. It is clear that business and leisure travelers seek different interests when choosing the appropriate hotel to use.

There are always some exciting new opportunities every year. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, it is important to make the most of these. A business traveler is not expected to stick to the usual 9-5 schedule or get weekends off. This is because traveling usually takes over one’s whole life. What does this mean? Have great fun while traveling. Have a simple delicious meal, if that is what it takes.

Visit a museum, if possible. Make the most of your business or leisure trip.