Accessories for business travelers

business traveler asus

When you are traveling as a business professional, you need to stay connected, have a everything you need for a meeting and travel light. Therefore, there are accessories that can make your trip easier. You need a laptop that is so light you won't know you are carrying it, a charger that fits on your key ring, an ultra-soft neck pillow that will help you sleep a few hours on the plane so you can be fresh for your meeting and so on.

When travelling and having the need to stay connected, you need an electronic device that is easy to carry and will help you get around. Asus ZenPad S 8.0 (in photo) is super thin and feather light, it is impressively skinny and has a high-quality processor and significant memory, making it perfect for work but also for play. You can use it on the plane to do some work or as a movie-player.

You might also need a card case, it's essential to carry business cards. When you go on a business meeting or networking, you need to carry your business cards and store them in a nicer place than your pocket or your wallet leaving no space for anything else. That is why you need a card case.

You need a pair of comfortable, walkable shoes when going through security, on your flight, on your meeting and dinners with clients. That is why some leather loafers are the perfect shoes for you. Get some everlane modern loafer.

If you need to travel with heels, first of all, don't wear them on the plane, and, second of all, store them in a Flight 001 heel bag ensuring your heels won't snag on anything en route.

With a lotuff zipper document pouch, you don't need a briefcase anymore. This pouch keeps all of your documents in one place and can still fit a laptop. And if you can invited to celebratory drinks after the big meting, you can use it as an evening clutch.

You also need the 12-inch Apple MacBook. It's even lighter than the Air, just 2.1 pounds, light enough to stick in your purse or briefcase. Battery life is out of this world as you can leave it unplugged for almost a full work then and the 12-inch retina display means that images and browsers are in high relief - very sharp even though it's a smaller screen.

NomadKey Charge-and Sync Cable is a great addition to any keychain which connects an iPhone 5 or newer and most iPads to a Mac or USB port. No more cords that get in the way.